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Athletes and domestic violence essays Athletes and Domestic Violence A lady calls 911 and cries that her husband is beating her. She wants to file a report, but then asks the dispatcher if it is going to be in the paper the next day. When the dispatcher doesn't reply, she changes her mind about the report and hangs up. Under Fairfax police policy, when an dispatcher believes an assault occurs the dispatcher is obligated to dispatch a police officer. The lady was Kim Stubblefield, wife of Washington Redskins Defensive Tackle, Dana Stubblefield. Like the wives of other famous players, she was a victim of spousal abuse. Athletes are praised which hypothesis is supported by the data on annual aet heroes for what they do on the playing field, but what they do off the field is never mentioned. As a disappointed sports fan, I want to draw attention to this and other domestic violence cases that involve athletes. On September 21, 2000, NBC4 and the Washington Post, reported Stubblefield was arrested at his Great Falls home after a fight with his wife. He says he never hit his wife and the dispute was what he called "just a little argument". Under the Fairfax police Write the essay for me kindness you did someone, an dispatched officer is obligated to make an arrest," police spokeswoman Gretchen Lacharite said. Stubblefield was arrested, charged with one misdemeanor count of domestic assault, and released hong kong university personal statement sample a $2,500 custom lab report critical thinking essays bond, along with an order not to have contact with his wife for 48 hours. The next day, Stubblefield told reporters: "Nobody got hurt. Nobody was drinking. Nobody was doing anything research paper for masters degree of the ordinary. It was just one of those normal arguments you get in with your wife." Athletes have been abusing their spouses since sports were created, but not until the OJ Simpson trial has domestic violence become one of many negative topics surrounding athletes. " When Simpson was arrested on New Years Day for beating his wife, none of the newspapers reported it. When he pleaded no contest five months later, there was a small brief in some of t.

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