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Friday, October 20, 2017 3:40:28 PM

Lifes journey essays s journey with the intentions on writing about the black race, but having a black protagonist gave it a since of urgency (Hall). Harriet Pollack mentions, examples of teachers resume for college Welty believes through her work she is displaying “attentiveness and care for the world”. Welty wrote an essay title “Is Phoenix Jackson’s Grandson Really Dead?” which is a question that the public continues to ask her about “The Worn Path”, her reply is that this question is “not relevant to the truth of degree artistic excellence attained in these plates and their truthfulness story”. Moreover, the belief is that Welty tends to deal with race relations in “The Worn Path” on resume writing examples pdf personal level, said (Barnhisel). The fact that Welty (a white women) is brave enough to engage on such an adventures journey is commendable. On the other hand, Barnhisel said that, “ Southern writers have a tendency to portray blacks as long-suffering and enduring, and in doing so robbing them examples of teachers resume for college their true complexity as human beings.” He says, Welty “plays into the stereotypical Southern image of blacks: the ancient, plodding, superstitious grandmother who talks to herself” (Barnhisel). He supports this theory by making mention of the hunter (Barnhisel). When the hunter says, “I know you old colored people!” and then he says, “Wouldn’t miss going to town to see Santa Claus!”(Welty p. 347). Top research paper ghostwriting websites online also mentions, that the hunter “seems like a buffoon here, but when he drops his nickel and she picks it up, critics see the action as either indicative of another pejorative stereotype of blacks.

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