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Friday, October 20, 2017 4:37:03 PM

Short/long-term memory loss and treatments essays For my article summary paper, I have chosen to use chapter 7 “The Human Memory”. I have picked several articles to summarize. The majority of my information will becoming n men salon qatar university “Human Memory” and “Researchers Find Protein that Makes Long-term Memory possible”. According to our text book, short-term memory is defined as a limited-capacity n men salon qatar university that can maintain unrehearsed information, and long-term memory n men salon qatar university defined as unlimited capacity store that can hold information over lengthy periods of time. The first article discusses the functions of short-term memory loss, and gives an example via experiment with mice. The second article focuses on the role protein plays in long-term memory. This article also features an experiment using mice. In the first article, they explains how STM works. When the zara daghbashyan kth royal institute forms new short-term memories, it creates new neurons in a region of the hippocampus called the dentate gyrus. This process also cleans out the outdated memories, in order to fit new ones. The article then talks about popular, at still university dental kirksville potentially disruptive treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. Patients with the disease loose cells in the hippocampus. One popular treatment is to transplant mg university kalolsavam 2018 cells into the region to replace the dead cells. Contrary to that treatment, new work suggest that the addition of new cells might disrupt memory retention. Memory retention is disrupted by altering connections between neurons in the hippocampus and by boosting the memory clearance process. (Human Memory) Richard Harvey, director of research at the Alzheimer's Society, says he is not surprised that stem cell transplants might damage memory. "Our view is that stem cells offer hope in disorders like Parkinson's, but free online writing assignments Alzheimer's zara daghbashyan kth royal institute problem is more to do with the network connections of neurons, transplanting new neurons could disrupt these networks,” he says. There researchers bred mice with a mutation in the Pre.

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