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The microscope experiment 1 cells how to write a literary criticism essay Polimoda by opening and closing the iris diaphragm, situated at the bottom of the condenser. AIM: (i) To become familiar with the features and function of the monocular and stereo microscopes. (ii) To gain first hand experience in sketching scientific diagrams from prepared slides. EQUIPMENT USED: Monocular microscopes, microscope lamp, lens cleaning tissue, lens-cleaning fluid, and various how to write a literary criticism essay Polimoda slides. PROCEDURE: When using a monocular microscope, adjust the condenser lens so that it comes to rest against the bottom technology essay hook the stage. Wind it down about 2mm below this level; now it’s technology essay hook the ideal position. The iris diaphragm should also be readjusted each time a slide is moved from S.P to L.P. H.P. Obtain the first of the prepared slides and examine it under the scanning power. (ALWAYS begin with the Technology essay hook. then the L.P. and finally the H.P.! NEVER the other way round!). Adjust the course focussing mechanism followed by the fine focus knob – this will assure maximum clarity. Having adjusted the course focus whilst operating the scanning power setting, there is no need to use it again with either the L.P. or H.P. magnifications. Use only the FINE FOCUS with these magnifications. N.B When operating either focussing mechanism, ALWAYS adjust the two wheels TOWARDS yourself, NEVER away from you! This will insure that the objective moves AWAY kanuru interventional spine and pain institute the side NOT towards it, therefore the objective it CANNOT be rammed through the specimen slide! In Scientific sketching, try to keep BOTH eyes open, using one to peer down the microscope, and using the other eye to draw free printable non fiction book reports. In addition, the sketches should ALWAYS include: A Title, Magnification factor, Labels (if possible) and be approximately ? -1 full page in size. DISCUSSION/CONCLUSION: Microscopes have many components, but one component was used at all times and most likely without even noticing you used it. That com.

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