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Parallels essays Parallels In Charlotte Bronte’s masterpiece, Jane Eyre, of the Victorian period and the Romance of Tristan and Iseult, as retold by Joseph Bedier, the couples that find themselves in love are Jane Eyre with Edward Rochester, and Tristan with Iseult. Both couples face major obstacles that jeopardize or destroy their relationship. Some of the characteristics of romantic love used in these two works are suffering for one another in a variety of ways, constant thought of one another, and most vital to these particular tales, the overcoming of obstacles. The parallels between the two novels extend beyond these, but there are some obvious differences. In both novels, the love of the two protaganists is forbidden by social obstacles, all very important. In the case of Tristan and Iseult, it is the marriage How to write a lab report biology section Iseult custom lab report critical thinking essays King Mark, and in Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester’s instance, it is Edward’s Help me do my essay The History of Education and the Importance of Understanding Leadership Theories to Bertha, his insane wife glycoprotein synthesis animation is contained in the attic. Iseult and Mark could never be divorced, as that was not an option in feudal times. Edward and Bertha also could not be divorced, for several reasons. The only truly acceptable cause for divorce in Victorian times was infidelity. Bertha was always faithful, she only later became insane. Edward highly resents Bertha, and makes it clear. He calls her “a hideous demon,” “a filthy burden,” and a “maniac,”(336, 342, ch. 27) when Jane learns of his secret hiding in the attic. If Iseult resents her marriage to Mark, or Tristan resent his to Iseult of the White hands, they do glycoprotein synthesis animation make it clear. In their case, they don’t feel comtempt for their spouse’s, only desire fo! r one another outside of their marriages. A major difference between the two is the conditions of their love. Tristan and Iseult have no choice. They consumed a potion intended for Iseult and Mark to drink together, without knowledge of its magical implications. They drank together out of th.

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