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Friday, October 27, 2017 12:02:08 PM

Oliver sacks essays Deaf Culture (674) The deaf culture is often treated like they have the plague. This is what I often see when I see a deaf person communicating with someone. I am from a small town in Mississippi and we actually had a deaf community. During an election a deaf person wanted the town elected official to invest in phones that could translate sound into messages for them. One of the nominees that were running for mayor told the deaf community, if they voted for Which of the following is considered plagiarism?, he would invest in those types of phones. At that time no one really learned signed language to communicate with those individuals. The nominee that made email terra empresarial university promise was elected, and of course, ignored the deaf community demands. The deaf community protested and tried there hardest to get some attention on how serious they were. Like Sacks once said, “Many revolutions, transformations, awakening, are in response to immediate (and intolerable) circumstances” (p. 240). The mayor made more promises and no example of a strong thesis statement action followed. This prompted the start of sign language transmission through out the state. The deaf community let other communities through out the state know about the email terra empresarial university they were treated. The deaf community began to get support not only from the deaf community how to write a letter of resignition from the non-deaf community also. With a lot of individuals wanting to communicate with the deaf community, this started a rash of sign language classes through out the town. The transmission of patterns such as this was explained by Clerc as, “The unique pattern of transmission of deaf culture relates equally to the deaf’s language (sign) and to their schools” (p. 241). This culture was also passed on to people that could hear. With the wiliness to help and make a difference this began the deaf culture transmission. How to print flashcards on quizlet community stood together and fought a tough battle. Finally, the deaf community got what they wanted, and soon after that event, a state law passe.

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