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Friday, October 27, 2017 1:50:59 PM

Flag football essays Team Sports Football is well known around the world. But in write a short story about countries football is known as another sport called soccer. The other football you would hear if you went to European country would be “American Football”. All across America football is a loved sport. It is played by many ages. There is Pee-wees that can very from the ages of 5 – 12. Then after pee-wees there in the age group of 12 – 15, which is usually played in write a short story about high school. Then you have you high school students. Who then go to a college to play for four years to hope for there chance to get into the National Football League (NFL). The are other organizations like the Canadian football, and Arena Football. With each organization there are many similar and different types of rules. There are many forms of football to. You have your traditional tackle. Which is when an opponent on one team is brought down by the opposing business essay writing global warming Another is two hand touches which Dissertation film production when an opponent is tackled in this term when an opponent is touched by an opponent by two hands. Touch football is ratio analysis problems and solutions pdf that common but played allot with youth. Finally you have flag football. This is the type of football I will be talking about. Flag football is when all the players on the have a strap which is Dissertation film production around there waist and there are two flags, one on each side that the opposing team has to take one to stop the play. Football began to develop during the mid-1800, when a game similar to soccer was played in the eastern United States. The first game Tips to Consider When Purchasing Your Car Insurance present-day football was played in 1874, when a team from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, visited Harvard University. The Canadian team wanted to play the English game of rugby, which permitted running with the ball and tackling. Harvard preferred to play its soccer like game, in which players advanced the ball mainly by kicking. The teams agreed to play two games, the first under Harvard rules and the second unde.

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