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Friday, November 03, 2017 6:08:08 AM

Orangutans essays By merely looking at certain primates, one can see the resemblance university related to nts home them and humans. They have certain physical characteristics that are similar to those of humans. One type of these certain primates is the orangutan. Up until recently, I had never given a second thought as to what, if any, kinds of similarities orangutans had to humans not only in terms of physical traits, but also in terms of behavior. My trip to the zoo gave some insight on this. At first, I thought I would either research gorillas or orangutans. It was between the two, can you sign write a lease van in the end I decided to go for the orangutans because they looked more interesting. By studying orangutans, I thought I would find that they were a lot like humans when it came to their social behavior. I thought that they would have a lot of interaction with one another. The results of my observations were very surprising. The orangutan Degree level nursing mentorship in practice. this essay came from Can you sign write a lease van, now they live in the tropical rain forests in Borneo and Sumatra. They live in trees 90% of the time. (Maynard: 14) They travel tree to tree by swinging and grasping a hold of the next tree with their feet or hands before letting go of the tree. Occasionally they do come down to the ground when they are unable to pass a certain area. Orangutan live in the tree tops and they build a new nest every night to sleep in. The nests are generally made of branches and leaves. The Orangutan is an arboreal ape and the largest tree living mammal. (Redmond: 40) Orangutans are omnivores and eat both plants and meat. Their diet consists of about 70% of fruit; they eat mainly figs which mature at different times of the year. They also eat bark, flowers and insects. When there is no fruit available, orangutans munch courseworks 6 0 jogos y3 leaves and tree bark. Orangutans drink water from holes in trees. They form their hands into articles of confederation explained you shape of a cup in order to do this. (Redmond: 40, 41) Orangutans’ bodies are covered in long, coarse.

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