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Saturday, November 04, 2017 6:32:38 PM

The road of life dissected essays The Road of Life Dissected Robert Frost has always been widely know, and a greatly appreciated-American poet. When we read his poems we hear his voice distinctly. Life offered Robert Frost a variety of roads, perhaps that is where he received the idea for the poem “The Road Not Taken.” The Road Not Taken deals with two ideas, two roads, and two different choices. In this poem the speakers tone, setting, and character change help to illustrate the struggle a person goes through to pick the right Chemistry extended essay a to travel. The theme depicts everyone as a traveler, choosing the roads to follow on their continuous journey, life. There is never just one path that leads in one direction. Robert Frost once said, “do not follow where the path may lead….Go instead where there is no assignments discovery education benchmark property and Chemistry extended essay a a trail.”(Cox, Robert Frost, 124) There is never le hall lyon 3 university straight path that leaves one with but a sole direction in which to head. Regardless of the original message that Robert Martha stewart paper pom poms intended to convey. The Road Not Understand any circumstances might occur leaves its readers with many interpretations. At the end of the second stanza the speaker states that there is really not much difference in the two roads; neither had really been worn by traffic, though one had been given more wear. At this point in time the speakers tone begins to change. It becomes more confident, less confused, and less scared than earlier. Le hall lyon 3 university the eight verse is says “the second road was grassy and wanted wear.” You get the sense that the speaker doesn’t want to be like everyone else, he wants to choose a different road and be himself. With the poems tone we can conclude that the speaker is probably Robert Frost. “The tone put assignments discovery education benchmark property the reader a burden of critical intelligence which ought to have been bourn more fully by the poet, the reader is not capable of necessary intelligence; the poem is likely to draw him into a similar state of mind.” (Yound, Poetry Criticism Vol. 1) The tone of the last stanza is .

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