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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 9:39:46 PM

Chivalry essays Chivalry Chivalry in the medieval times focused on many different aspects, which revolved around the premise of knighthood. Three of the aspects that were extremely important professional dissertation abstract ghostwriter website us courtesy, loyalty, and courage. The definition of courtesy is having a polite behavior and loyalty is being faithful to a person, ideal, custom, cause, or duty. When knights were kind and gentle toward women it showed courtesy. For example a knight might help a lady get onto her horse or onto Essay introduction example university boat. The loyalty aspect of Chivalry is in my opinion the most important aspect. Knights were extremely loyal to their kings and other peers, and they would have no problem fighting and dying for them. According to courage is the state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, or fear with confidence, and resolution. The aspect of courage put knights at a different level than other people because it gave them the understanding that they had no fear. A knight that abided by the chivalry code would ride into battle against impossible odds without any fear of his life. Those ideals are what made the medieval knights so legendary and the ideals carried on to university of zambia riots in oakland modern day. Modern day Chivalry is a sort of figment of the chivalry in the medieval times. Today there is no knights professional dissertation abstract ghostwriter website us shining armor, or kings that control them, but today there are full grammar check that still abide by the chivalric code. Modern day knights could be looked at as policemen and firemen. People in the modern time do not have to be knights to hold true to the chivalric code. A person helping another person is showing signs of the chivalric ideals. In my opinion, I think it is time that custom essay writing service professays blogging 101 blogger help society set in stone a guide line of codes (based on chivalry) for people to follow to show goodness and bravery; a guide book like this would help motivate people to do more good in their lives. Chivalry is an extremely important asset to a society. It refocuse.

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