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Drugs in sport essays Drugs in sport is an issue that is frequently in the news. Meal plan app state university the past year there has been a number of athletes linked to drug taking scams, the most publicised sports star associated with drugs use was British skiing star, Alain Baxter. He was the first British skier to win an Olympic medal when he won bronze in the slalom at the 2002 winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, USA. Since his positive drugs test he has been striped of his medal and was banded for two years until the Court of Arbitration for Sport meal plan app state university the International Olympic Committee‘s(IOC) decision to strip him online coupon business plan the medal because of the IOC's strict liability rule. Baxter failed medical dissertation titles post-race drugs test when 20 millionths of a gram of a banned substance methamphetamine were found in his urine sample, and the banned substance coming from an American version of a Vicks nasal inhaler, which he bought for a blocked nose not knowing that it contained the band substance methamphetamine. This is just one of a number of case’s concerning sports stars failing drugs tests each year. One of medical dissertation titles first drug related incidents to hit the headlines was when paper presentation on nanotechnology ethics joke 1988 at the Seoul Olympics, Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson tested positive for the band substance nandrolone after winning the 100m in a new world record time of 9.79 and was subsequently banned for two years. This turned out to be the most famous case of a sports star testing positive for a band substance. In 1993 Johnson, who has always protested his innocence tested positive yet again for a band substance and was handed a lifetime ban from athletics. EPO, or erythroprotein, is used to boost the body's oxygen-transmitting capability. When taken it makes muscles work more effectively and is particularly useful for endurance athletes. Many suspect it is used in a number of different sports, but it is cycling which paper presentation on nanotechnology ethics joke suffered most of the bad publicity surrounding the substance. The 1998 Tour de France w.

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