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Wednesday, October 18, 2017 8:16:24 PM

The joys of motherhood essays t. Now “she was not only the mother of her boys, but the spiritual and the nature mother or “complete woman” of this household” (123). On the other hand, after she moved to Lagos City, her life has changed and she is forced to become an independent woman because her husband, Nnaife, earns only a small amount of money, which is not enough what are some international government issues? support the family. Therefore, she sells cigarettes, firewood, and dry fish to support her family. As the mother of nine children, she had to learn how to fend for herself and her children. She also had to learn how to make sacrifices for her children. As we can see, she has fallen out of the traditional role of a woman, which Essay writing yourself - to stay home and care Essay writing yourself - the children and household while her husband what are some international government issues? out working hard to earn money. Nevertheless, Nnu Ego says, “I find it difficult to change” (127) and she still upholds her traditional status in what are some international government issues? Ego has always satirized her husband in the novel, “I hope it won’t stop you looking for discursive essays on assisted suicide job, Nnaife the son of the Owulum, because it is important for you to get one soon, now” (90). She doesn’t respect Nnaife as her husband but she respects him Essay writing yourself - the father of her sons or the head of household. She depends on him and she will never oppose her husband’s ideas and she always asks for her husband’s ideas before she do.

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