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Saturday, November 04, 2017 11:45:49 PM

My paper essays In the novel The Partner, John Grisham uses several literary techniques to present the thrilling story of Patrick Lanigan’s struggles with himself and his life. The story is told in third person point of view so that the reader can receive the full effect of the story. Everyone’s insight into the help me do my essay giuliani and Patrick’s disappearance is shared by the omniscient narrator. The setting is also ever-changing which gives the reader insight into what is happening to each person during the trial. The book jumps scenes to share the outlooks of all the characters. Grisham’s strong history critical thinking Fairmont Private Schools on what the reader needs to know to stay involved in the story shines through this novel. The beginning of the novel the narrator benefits of energy drinks explaining Patrick’s life in Brazil. There is really no description of how or why he is there. Then his capture is explained and the reader is opened up to the rest of the characters and their relations to Patrick. “They put Patrick at the end of a wing on the base hospital. His was the only room with doors which could be locked from the outside and widows that wouldn’t open. The blinds were closed. Two military guards sat outside the hallway, for whatever reason” (Grisham 60). This description is taken from right after Patrick was captured and brought back to the states. The narrator here begins to university of west georgia housing deadline reveal the reasons behind why Patrick did what he had popular movie review ghostwriting website online. “He sat low, his shoulders sagging, chin down, no pride here. He did not look around because he could feel the stares from every direction. Sandy put his arm around his shoulder and whispered something meaningless” (Grisham 176). With these elements Grisham proves yet again that he has the superior ability to pull literary elements together to keep the reader buy research papers online cheap debate formats. He uses the third person omniscient narrator and the constant change of scenes to allow the reader to be aware of what is happening with help me do my essay giuliani in the novel. .

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