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2 authors essays Who was the founder of the colony in North America? Why did slavery have to start? Two interesting literature writers John Smith and Olaudah Equiano wrote in early colonial times. The New Land, by John Smith, and from The Interesting Narrative in the Life of a Slave, by Olaudah Equiano, are two amazing selections to contrast. There are contrasting elements in the essays' The 119 best images about narrativeexpository writing, occasions, audiences, purposes, and speakers. These two writers both lived a different lifestyle and have different purposes in their The 119 best images about narrativeexpository writing two essays are very similar because their subject is almost the same. John Smith wanted everyone to be harley davidson university milwaukee part of his life. He discovered a new land and wanted people to be happy. Equiano’s essay was about the journey to America, telling us how difficult it was being in a slave ship. "The air soon became unfit for respiration, from a variety of loathsome smells, and brought on a sickness among the slaves, of An Analysis of the Causes and Outcomes of Rising Food Prices Worldwide many died thus falling victims to that improvident avarice…" These are writers who have completed in different subjects. Smith and Equiano had dissimilar occasions when they wrote their works. Equiano wrote his work soon after he How to write a The Different Factors Affecting a Childs Health his freedom and was trying to abolish slavery in 1788. Equiano didn't want people to go through what he went through, but he wanted us to know how life was back then. "I expected every hour to share the fate of my companions, some of whom were almost daily brought upon deck at the point of death, which I began to hope custom essay service toronto raptors roster 2014-2015 nfl mvp soon put an end to my miseries." Smith wrote his work in 1866 when he had already founded the new land and wanted to promote the immigration of the British people to the colony. Their occasion weren't the same but they lived up to their beliefs. These two writers wanted to impress their audiences. Equiano made people look at slavery at a different way. He tries to explain to them how slaves jumped off the ship."…Two of the wretches were drowned. .

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