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Sunday, October 29, 2017 7:48:40 AM

Online music databases essays Today in dissertations com complaints music dissertations com complaints a new element has been added into the university of phoenix st louis reviews of movies of the industry. An element some view as a threat to music but I see it more as a threat to overly rich performers who might not afford that new beach house in Cancun. This threat is one of several programs which link thousands of computers together so they can share millions of files with each other giving you access to almost every song ever created. I believe that this program “Morpheus” will have nothing less than a positive affect on the music industry. About a year ago a few of my friends had acquired a program called “Napster”, this program enabled then to download almost and song they could think of or desire, new and old. I was blown away by this simple amazing idea which caused me next to pose the immediate question, once I calmed down, “how much is this amazing book reviews mysteries never solved going cost and if there would be a monthly fee?” I was stunned to find out it was completely free! As soon as I got home I was online and typing the web address on the screen. Limited only by the speed of my modem I started my collection of music on my computer sifting through files like a miner looking for gold, every now and then I struck it rich with the song I was looking for. The little speakers fixated on my desktop were not enough for me so I hooked my computer to my stereo, and when I was tired of dissertations com complaints I installed the software on a dissertations com complaints computer that also contained a CD burner. Now I was able to take my digital gold I had mined from the river of data that flowed through my computer to a portable, playable CD, custom made by me. Now I was able to listen to my music everywhere and anywhere. I know the long term affect will be positive but the immediate thesis statement nuclear energy training of this will be nothing short of negative and that is how I can relate to the legitimate people who see this to be a disaster to the music industry. They will say that the loss of millions of CD copies sold will cr.

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