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Monday, October 23, 2017 7:04:59 AM

Women vs. men: differences in rates of high achievement essays American history is filled with struggles for equality. Some of the most important Americans gained their fame during these struggles- Martin Luther King, Jr., Susan B. Anthony, and Rosa Parks. Such American heroes risked, and often gave their lives for the equality that was rightfully theirs. Generations websites that can write essays for money children have been, and will be told the stories of the “freedom fighters” that our history has been fortunate enough to get someone write my paper insight into the 1970s wategate scandal. Susan B. Anthony’s gifts to the world were aptly summarized in the words of her niece: "Because of Aunt Susan's love for women and perseverance in her cause, I have today the enjoyment of a great many more rights and privileges than my mother had twenty-five years ago. And seventy years ago-when Aunt Susan herself was young, there were no such things as woman's rights; all the rights were masculine. Woman was ruled by a government and a law in which she had no voice. …None of the colleges or universities admitted women students. Man endeavored in every way possible to destroy woman's confidence in her powers, to lessen her self-respect and to make her willing to lead a dependent, subservient life.” (Anthony, p. 1) Lucy Anthony acknowledged the importance of women’s inability to attend colleges or universities at the time. Today, women are able to enter colleges and universities freely, but discrepancies within the educational system still exist. There exists a gap in the treatment, the attitudes, and the career paths between cognitively advanced males and females. While the gaps between high-achieving males and females have been growing smaller through the years, it still exists. There Decline of Society and the Reminiscence of the Good Old Days in Jane Smileys The Greenlanders a number of reasons for the gap in corruption essay in urdu language of the aforementioned categories. In any American classroom, there exist some students who are, to some degree, more advanced than the rest of their classmates. These students are of both genders, but they do not receive equal treatment. Teachers’ behavior an.

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