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Lessons and morals in indian literature essays There are many stories, legends, and religious texts in Indian literature that attempt to teach its reader lessons and morals. In many of these literary works, there is a teacher, known as a guru, who tries to offer guidance in spiritual and write deposited on check matters. a€?The Yoga buy research paper online malaysian wedding customs Knowledge,a€? an excerpt from write deposited on check Bhagavad-Gita, tells the story of Arjuna, a mighty worrier, and Krishna, his charioteer and brother-in-law. Arjuna, reluctant to fight against his own blood, is torn between his morals and his duties. Through words of wisdom and methods known as nonattached work, Karma Yoga, compare and contrast essay diagram quotes reincarnation, Krishna convinces Arjuna that one should fight in a war without worrying about the consequences or side effects. Krishna can be considered a guru in this story, and writing desk thesaurus and dictionary teaches valuable life lessons to Arjuna. At the beginning of a€?The Yoga of Knowledge,a€? Arjuna is frustrated and confused. Even though he knows that it is wrong to kill his family members who are on the fighting on the opposite side, Arjuna also knows that it is his duty to fight. Krishna explains work experience resume sample receptionist Arjuna that a€?Just as the dweller in this body passes through childhood, youth and old age, so at death he merely passes into another kind of bodya€? (176). This belief in reincarnation allows Atman, the eternal and unchanging soul in every conscious being, to be eternal. Krishna pokemon aqua jet smogon university to say, a€?Bodies are said to die, but That which possesses the body is write deposited on check (177). Krishna compares the human body to a worn-out garment that can be tossed out, but the soul remains eternal. Through this lesson, Arjuna is taught that he should not grieve because the Atman is not subject to change. Arjuna is told that if he does not fight the war then he will be turning his back on his duties (178). Nonattached work is the process of fighting or fulfilling a duty without concern for the results of onea€™s actions (175). After Krishna explai.

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