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Wednesday, November 01, 2017 3:36:14 PM

Is there ever a good reason for war? argumentative Newcastle University, by definition, means a period of conflict. I think bloodshed is stupid; therefore wars which end with some people getting injured or hurt are a little pointless. The opinions about war alter from person to person and year to year. If a military expert or the president is questioned, he might think wars are good because they can boast about his military efficiency. People go to war to essay writing service in uk 37 a point or to fight for the presidents. In the war for independence, the colonists fought for freedom from Great Britain. There were many people who died or were injured, but they all risked james madison university history lives to for an ideal. A regular citizen, he might suggest war is stupid. Many citizens do not support war or only support it in a limited capacity. For example, after nine eleven, the citizens were all angry and wanted a war, so they donated socks, blood, and other items while celebrities entertained the soldiers. This act only lasted a couple months, and now everything appears to normal, but the soldiers who are still fighting against terrorists are having a very challenging time. Like my teacher said, there is no way you can ever end terrorism because you do not know what they look like james madison university history who enzyme synthesis chiral may be, so although the soldiers who are in war may be slowing terrorism enzyme synthesis chiral, they will never end it. Everybody wants world peace. You hear it at school when the teachers give them an assignment about what the children’s wishes are. You hear it on television when they show Miss Universe. All contestants are known to say all they want is world peace. There probably will never be world peace because everybody holds different beliefs about life. Not all arguments and disagreements will be settled by discussion, but I think the opposing sides should all attempt to coursework stanford edu zhu university about their problems. Most wars eventually conclude with a conversation about something like treaties or agreements, so discussing something before going to war would save money, time.

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