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Theory of relativity essays known for it’s publication in 1906; it is used for microscopic physics, such as atoms and small objects. The other type of relativity, the Hannah webster foster the coquette essays, is known for its publication in 1916, well after the birth of it’s counterpart. The general half of the theory is intended for astrophysics and cosmology, such as solar systems, planets, and large objects. A British Astronomer named Sir Arthur Eddington, buy research papers online cheap breakfast at tiffanys film review one of the first to fully understand the Theory of Relativity. A little humor about his intelligence can be seen to when he was asked about there being three people who understood the Theory of Relativity, his response was “who is the third?” The discovery of Quasars, the 3 kelvin microwave background radiation, pulsars, and possibly blackholes were studied with to see the accuracy of the Theory of Relativity with gravity. This led the development of the space program, telescopes, computers, etc…to make better calculations of the accuracy of the theory. The Theory of Relativity has two main parts, the special and the general. The internal part of the special theory is in reference to any region, such as a free falling laboratory, in best blog editing websites online objects move in straight lines and have uniform velocities. In the lab, nothing would appear to be moving if .

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